Who is Nihil Sperantes ?

One autumn morning, Analine invited itself to the dreamy mind of an historian in need of harmony. In the mood for escape, he let himself be seduced by the creative spirit and decided to get rid of archives, obscure assumptions and concepts. How could he quickly satisfy the musical fervor of Analine ? The discovery of Cubase opened up to him a limitless area in wich he could create freely. At first, Analine desagreed to take part in this dehumanized adventure. Nevertheless, the prospect of combining philarmonic instruments with industrial beats, electro sounds, jazz or metal drums convinced Analine to give way to its craving for harmony. This is how Nihil Sperantes came to birth.


Nihil Sperantes composes pieces for piano which many are included in his first mini-album Chords. Other compositions combine many styles and instruments, as in Saturday Morning, a track which gathers piano, cello, oboe, metal bass and drums.

Let me show you some of Nihil Sperantes pieces for piano.

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