Composition and Music Production

In the beginning


Where are you from, Analine ?
Only a few know it. Could the secret be kept ?
There is a rumour. Is it the lost spirit of a young musician vanished into the air, one night of February, along an icy road ?

The label

Analine is an independent musical project.
In which style should Analine be stored? You have to have a label: a fusion between Pop, Rock, Jazz and Electro. That’s a lot, even too much for a single composer, Nihil Sperantes, and performers, Myness, Leagan, Aafried… That’s very autocratic, one person holding the stick and the others performing. This is by no means our vision of music. When a song is ready to be entrusted to an interpreter or a musician, the composer abandons it, letting it find refuge with the person who will give it birth.
Nihil Sperantes, former researcher in medieval history, likes to tell a story in a song, which can be related to a personal problem, a current or past social phenomenon. Inspiration can also come from books, characters, to link the present to the past or vice versa.
Since music is not just songs, you can also discover our Electro tracks, a style that allows you to shape sounds and rhythms with great freedom but within a well-defined framework. Sometimes it’s a challenge for Nihil Sperantes, for whom the music is never progressive enough.

Contact me

If Analine doesn't appear in your dreams or doesn't come to haunt your insomnia, you still can contact it by more conventional means of communication.

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