Composition and Music Production

In the beginning


Where are you from, Analine ?
Only a few know it. Could the secret be kept ?
There is a rumour. Is it the lost spirit of a young musician vanished into the air, one night of February, along an icy road ?

The label

Since then, you have been just an evanescent and melodious flow. Full of curiosity, Analine hunts for artists for whom create and compose. It has set its heart on a few of them and is seeking to enlarge its community.

Therefore, Analine will listen attentively to compose the music you expect whether you are a producer, singer, author, film or documentary director or if you are just seeking for music whatever your project is. Let me show you Analine’s musical universe.

Contact me

If Analine doesn't appear in your dreams or doesn't come to haunt your insomnia, you still can contact it by more conventional means of communication.

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